Cooking With Elisha

   By G.P. Avants

“Serve it to the people to eat.”

                                    2Kings 4:41

          2Kings 4:38-44

            Think back for a moment to the Old Testament. Remember the two prophets named Elijah and Elisha?  I remembered that Elisha came second and was the servant of Elijah before he was taken up into Heaven in a fiery chariot. (Another reason I remembered which came first was that “j” comes before “s” in the alphabet).  Those two men were credited to doing some pretty amazing miracles and saying some pretty outrageous things. Once Elijah was taken away, the mantle of the prophet was given to Elisha, and he took it from there.

            Anyway, Elisha hung out with a company of prophets. I assume it was kind of like a traveling school of ministry. What grace they had in preaching was not always evident in their cooking skills. These guys had to eat but, they had more problems when they simply wanted to break bread.

            On one occasion there was a famine in the land.  Elisha told them to make some stew for everyone. OK. Food shortage. Make Stew. Right. 

            So out they went to scour the land for food. Some dude brought back some gourds from a wild vine, cut them off, and added them to the stew. Nobody knew what kind of plant it was. Again, this guy might have been a great preacher yet, was sorely lacking in some basic survival skills. 

            Everyone figured it out when they began to eat it and yelled out a mild complain about the cooking. “There’s DEATH in the pot!  AHHHH!” (Well, maybe not so mild.)

Elisha simply asked for some flour. They tossed it in, and he said, “Serve it up.”  Everyone ate and nobody died after that questionable meal.

            Another time a man brought some fresh barley bread for the prophets. Hmm, I am sure it all smelled good.  He made 20 loaves but there were 100 hungry men. I am guessing that these were like bran muffins or biscuits, but He said eat up and they’ll be leftovers. Sure, enough they gathered up remains after the meal. Those sure sounds like the time Jesus fed the 5,000 with a tiny lunch.

            When cooking with Elisha and his prophets you never knew what the next meal might entail. They probably escaped death in one form or another every day. It comes down to living by faith in their everyday lives, even when their lives are on the line.

            We too take each day by faith. It’s a hostile world out there and we are not immune to troubles. As believers though, we have cast out lot with God’s company of prophets as it were. We may see danger but, when God is present, we will also see miraculous outcomes. Even if we face, “Death in the pot”, we have hope that this life is not it.

            So, whether their feast or famine with the Lord there’s always a generous helping of faith to wash it all down in the end.

What’s cooking with our creative team this week?


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