Deeper People

By G.P. Avants

“He has shown you, O man what is good.  And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and the walk humbly with your God.”  

                                                                     Micah 6:8

I have to admit it: By nature I am a very superficial person. Yep, when you’re sanguine and an extravert you tend to be broader than you are deep when it comes to relationships. It’s not unlike staying on the shore when taking a chance and wading out you find something greater than yourself. 

It hits you when you look back on those friends and relationships that time has managed to push aside. The scary thing is that it didn’t take much to make those relationships fade into the sunset. There wasn’t much depth to them so what really held it all together?

I would have gone on like that the rest of my life if it hadn’t been for the conviction of the Lord. He opened my eyes to see that I needed to learn how to take the time to take the time to build good relationships.  It might mean that I don’t make everyone happy. I can’t be a buddy to everyone. It will probably mean choosing who I spent my time with more wisely. 

It might mean more lonely times than I am used to because I am learning to be more patient with others. My way is not as important as it used to be because other people’s feelings and opinions are a concern for me.  That is not an extravert’s way of thinking so these strange new ways of doing things are the Lord’s way for me.

We need to be people of depth and character. That might mean we have to unlearn years of heredity and just plain bad habits. Don’t worry, it’s not you making the changes. It’s your response to the Lord’s radical surgery in your life. Sometimes it’s delicate surgery while other times it’s not gentle whatsoever.

         Deep-rooted people are real people. If you are honest with yourself, you’d admit that there are shallows in your character. I think we all have those places. You and I lack the depth we need to be lovers of God and mankind. That’s awesome! Admitting you have a need is the first step in seeing those roots start to sprout. 

         What we need to be and how it’s done is the work of God’s Holy Spirit. This is faith the way it should be. Effecting our daily lives so that our lives show the handiwork of God.

         Yes, we can admit we don’t have a need and we are fine. You can go your whole life wading through the shallows among stony paths. Yet, really, how real is that? The word here is not giving a little, compromise or cut a deal with God so we feel better. It’s all out surrender, abandon, all or nothing. Anything less is not even worth the next breath you breath.

         Before you is a rushing vibrant river, a wide mysterious ocean that is yet to be explored. I wonder what would happen if you dared to risk a little and wade in a little bit deeper?


  1. Wise advice, Gary. I too used to describe myself as an extrovert, but have noticed tendencies toward the opposite as I’ve gotten older. My thought was, the change was simply part of the aging process. But perhaps God has been working on me through the decades, transforming my tendencies to talk too much, to enjoy being the center of attention, and to act before thinking!

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