Different Kind of Wonderful

By G.P. Avants

In accordance with the riches of God’s grace that he lavished on us with all wisdom and understanding.”

                                                           Ephesians 1: 8

            I had a boy in my class last year who never let things get him down. Whenever we had a team game and his team lost, he’d always say the same thing. “Teacher, I don’t care if we won or lost. I’m just happy that we got to play.” I wish more of us took his attitude toward life.

            Remember I told you I was on vacation? Here I am on a playground belonging to a school. We are assisting my friend’s son in getting his Eagle Badge. He has to manage a group of people to complete a project. One of the things he wanted to build was a geodesic climbing apparatus. He assembled the people, the supplies, and the tools.

            My friend knew I didn’t need to be there. This was probably my last chance to be in Oregon for a while. He was concerned that they had put me to work instead of showing me a good time. 

            I looked around me. It was beautiful in this little valley.  I could see the snow-topped Mt. Hood off in the distance. I saw people out and about bicycling or walking. Folks were discussing a caving trip they had and it sounded really interesting. I observed wonderful things around me.

            But this is a different kind of wonderful. I see a family that has become a family me. I have seen these boys becoming young adults. My friend is more like a brother to me. Their home really has become like a second home to me. We, together, have been through many challenges and adventures over the years. We have lived to tell the tale. 

            To be here to assist and build something lasting is great. To have the appreciation of my nephew, the Eagle Scout, for giving up my time, is special. There is a satisfaction in being part of a team that has to work together to complete a task.

            This made my vacation not just a fun get away but, something to bond us that much closer. It’s that different kind of wonderful I’m talking about.

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