Do you have  Pressure Regulator?

By G.P.  Avants

“For troubles without number surround me; my sins have overtaken me, and I cannot see. They are more than the hairs of my head…but may all who seek you rejoice and be glad in you.”

Psalm 40: 12 & 16

“Ah, when you put in your drip system did you ever put in a pressure regulator?” There was a long pause.


“That would explain what’s been happening in your garden.”

“You figured out why it was so dry?”

“And why you keep springing leaks.”

“Go on.”

“A little pressure regulator at the point you connect your drip system to the rest of the system would correct this right away.”

“I guess I could have planned that a little better.”

That was good advice from a friend. He and I talk garden care and pass back and forth ideas. It hasn’t been a great year from my garden in regards to water. We are in a water crunch and I had to cut back. Part of that was finding my leaks. After investigating my drip system I found that I had sprung leaks in so many places it was almost overwhelming. It was a lot of work finding them all and stopping them up.

Of course the garden holds an allegory of life for me: Stress and pressure. They are part of life and they will not go away. However, part of managing pressure is to have you own pressure regulator.

What does that look like? We need to be able to vent when things get too much. Does that mean I can complain and grouse to everyone that comes across my path? No. It’s not for everyone but, we all have someone who will love us even after we blow off steam. I must remember that its a two-way street. I need to be able to have vents aimed at me as well.

If we don’t have outlets we will explode. Those cracks will leak out those precious things we have been trying to manage. It wastes resources, time, and strains relationships. Earthquakes and volcanoes are the earth’s venting system so why shouldn’t we have one.

The Lord is always there to listen. He will also provide at least one trustworthy person to listen to our complaints. Jeremiah in the Bible reminds me how we as believers need to get it out. He had to take so much flack for telling his people the truth. The nation was going down and he had to be the God’s voice to this disobedient people. He shared his hurt, rejection, and frustration to God and to us through God’s word. 

Thank the Lord for making us aware when we are springing leaks. Show us how we can let that steam out and not ruin our witness. Give us this day the ability to manage stress so it won’t blow up inside us. Yep, thank you it won’t last forever too.

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