Don’t Count me Out, Count Me In.

By G.P. Avants

“I sought the Lord and He answered me and delivered me from all my fears.”

                                    Psalm 34:4

             I do want to say that in the past few years we have seen a trend toward accepting folks with disabilities. In times past many people were stared at or shunned because they had something that stood out. What’s really interesting is that many disabled folks are participating in many more everyday jobs and folks are not treating them any differently. That’s great!

            I thank the Lord that we have weaknesses in this life. Something I can’t do someone else is gifted in. I am not very mechanically-minded. In fact I always felt a little handicapped in that area of my life. I didn’t feel like I was much use to anyone especially if math was part of the equation.

            Recently, I helped a group of friends on a building project. I make a good worker if you tell me what to do but, don’t ask me to solve something related to construction. My brain doesn’t think that way. However, that day I actually felt as though I was doing a part that was useful to something very foreign to me.

            We had to plant an anchor for some benches in cement. My construction leader hadn’t worked with this before and wasn’t seeing how it was supposed to work. Another cement expert was explaining it but, my friend was still not getting it. I looked at what he was doing and I understood what he was saying. I could see what he meant and then I “translated” in a way my friend could understand.( I am gifted visually so maybe that’s why I got it.)

            It was good to actually feel like I was contributing to a project instead of just being a grunt.

            Of course, when I was asked to measure out the dimensions of something and calculate how it was to be level and plumb, I knew I wasn’t the guy. That’s okay. I can help in other ways and together all of us were able to complete the project.

            God places everyone in positions where they will be needed and useful. When the needs arise your gifts will be seen as being important. Don’t look at your shortcomings and create excuses. 

            If you are placed somewhere, even somewhere you don’t feel comfortable around, talk to God about it. He knows you and He always has good reasons. The only person that is going to keep you from doing what you were called to do is you. With God amazingly impossible things are still very possible.


  1. Thank you for the encouragement, Gary. There’s something to be said for the folks that shine the light on others, too–making mention of the gifts and talents they see, offering compliments and congratulations, etc. They help keep the team energized. Let’s hear it for the encouragers!

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