Don’t Mothball God

By G.P. Avants

There is nothing new under the sun.”

                                    Ecclesiastes 1:9

Pigeon holed.

Out of date.

Change the system.

You’re too late.

Six months later,

That’s old news.

Keeping up with the times,

It’s time to choose.

We’re told the past

Was yesterday.

What was great then,

Has gone passé.

What of God

In this modern age?

Is He still valid?


On the same page?

I would say

Stop and think:

From where does wisdom

Takes its drink?

Who made the mind of man?

The creative spirit

Who dreams and plans?

From dust ,God formed

Our race by hand.

The wisdom that thought up

 A microscopic world

Within the space

Of an eyelash curl;

Also holds the mysteries

Of a universe, 

We are yet to imagine

Or believe.

Yet, knows each person

Inside and out,

That ever lived

Or ever will.

He never made a duplicate

And never planned to try;

Each one a unique masterpiece

In fingerprint, flesh, and eye.

I believe, 

Each invention

Dream and story

Got its start

Right there in Glory.

God inspired,

Man’s desire

To create

As their Heavenly Sire.

How else could the human mind

Envision such amazing design,

In this age and ages past,

Unless the Lord 

Their minds did gently grasp?

He’s ahead of the curve,

Before and beyond the pack,

Higher than the CEO

Or any brainiac.

God builds the network

Supplies the power

Mans the stations

Every second, minute, and hour.

Nothing that will be made

Will escape His notice.

It had to clear His desk

Before it ran it course

And filled the bosses’ quotas.

You may think it’s each to his own

And God is dead 

To man’s renown;

We are here 

With reasons unknown.

But let me leave you

With this to ponder,

About your life 

Right now and yonder.

Look at the world 

Man-made and living,

Consider that nothing

Is a random “coinkidink”

or a mishappening.

There is a plan in complex

Or simple design.

You have a part,

Like no other 

In God’s love: 

Your sublime, 

In all the things that 

Have been made,

Nothing will ever be

More important

Than a life that’s saved

For God’s eternal 


Is a place for them,

Whose creative designs

Are truly about to 

Kick in!

(Because of HIM!)

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