Dr. Brady’s Black Bag

By G.P. Avants 

Who faithfully carried out (their) duties…”.

                                    Ezekiel 44: 15

            A good friend told me about Dr. Brady’s bag. It reminds me that one person’s loss is another person’s gain.

            Dr. Brady was going to do a special lecture series at my friend’s school where he was serving as principal. He had committed to coming to speak to the kids. They had gone so far as to get a nice bag with his monogram as a thank you for coming.

            The thing was, he never came. 

            Another speaker came and she really left an impact on the students. The doctor was out so someone else took his place and God still got the glory.

            My friend didn’t want to waste the bag so, he carries it now. He loves to tell people that he is Dr. Brady. (He loves the clout). That bag has gotten more use and seen more places because it was in my friend’s hand. I guess someone else filled up the hole that someone else said no to.

            I don’t know Dr. Brady and I am not harping on him. On the contrary I want to thank him for what he gave by not showing up. Others got their chance to shine or benefited from this missed opportunity.

            Personally, I don’t want to miss something that I was meant to do. I can’t do everything presented to me but, I can do what God has called me to do. (Besides if I choose fewer, well done things, I can be more faithful with them.) Pretty much I don’t want to slack when I should rise to the call.

            What would have happened in Samuel rolled over in the night when God called him? How about Esther? She could have kept her mouth shut and never risked her position or life for her people. Gideon stayed a nobody, Joseph a slave and Moses a powerful yet empty man. The list goes on. 

            God would have raised up others and the Bible would have recorded other names. Think about it. You only have one shot in this life to… live your life. Do you really want to miss that opportunity because something less important is calling you away? 


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