Drought Fruit

By G.P. Avants

         There was this guy named Maslow. Every teacher knows his hierarchy of needs. He had this theory about basic things that every person needs. They begin with food and water and end with the esoteric and spiritual needs. They say that if the basic needs are not met then education, social, and spiritual matters well…don’t seem to matter to folks.

         Basic needs. 

         My parents were divorced when I was fourteen. My dad lived in a tiny trailer that had the minimum of basic necessities. Even a warm shower was something he said was a rarity. It was really rough for him. When he did remarry, Dad told me how thankful he was for a warm shower. He thanked the Lord, at the point of tears, for the basic needs many of us take for granted.

         Of course, I didn’t understand what he really meant until it happened to me. I lived overseas in Korea for a time. We had times when water pressure was cut in half or didn’t run at all due to the cold. I had a job but, not enough money to afford what I needed to really be healthy and pay my bills.  It was one of the worst times but, in hindsight it was a great time.

         I learned to appreciate what I had. I also learned to get by with less. When I got back to the states, I appreciated the simple, basic things I had. I understand that it does come from the Lord. I hope that my heart is always thankful and grateful for simple things.

         I don’t have to have the newest and latest to be satisfied. In fact, I take a good sense of pride in making things last or passing on something so someone else can make use of it. It feels like keeping everything in an open hand; not grasping to hang on to everything I have.

         So, what does this have to do with the title? Well, I wonder if the Lord is working on our nation in regard to our possessions. I think that we need to be ready for a drought of sorts.

         It may or may not be a financial or physical drought, but it could be seen that way. It’s more of the effect of years of spiritual drought. It’s been here for quite some time however, we will be seeing the long-term damage in so many areas of our society.

         Many countries have believers praying for our nation. Why? Don’t we have all that we need? We aren’t hungry or thirsty and we have all sorts of toys? That’s just it. We have invested in stuff, in this world. We have become comfortable and complacent. Many believers in this great nation have settled in and forgotten our calling. 

         Because of this drought, people are angry. I have heard people blaming God. If He did care, why are things bad? Why haven’t I got a job? He must be dropping the ball. I really wonder if what He says is true? These doubts are signs of drought.

         What is alive and nourishing in this drought? I think the fruit that we need are people whose faith has been tested and refined. They are not looking at the changing landscape of society to base their happiness on. These folks are looking to the Lord as their lives experience upheaval, change and maybe even a simplification process. When others cast in the towel and blow off anything that centers around God, these folks rotate in an even closer orbit to Him. They are living proof that the Lord is faithful and true especially in times of famine and withering. 

         There are a lot of people whose basic needs aren’t being met. Pray that the Lord would meet these needs and possibly though you. Pray that your life is drought fruit that will nourish others and bring glory to God. Remember droughts do not last forever. This is a just a season, though it might be preparing us for the end. Endure it while it lasts.  Don’t faint away. Your life, through the Lord, might be a miracle someone else has been thirsting for.


  1. I pray that I might flourish in mind, spirit, and attitude during this difficult season (that promises to become more difficult before it gets better). And may I be a witness to the peace, joy, strength, and comfort God provides in times like these. Thank you, Gary!

    1. You bet. It’s only in the Lord’s hand that fruit is produced. All other work is in vain.

      On Wed, May 25, 2022 at 12:12 PM Be Encouraged by G.P. Avants wrote:


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