Eating Once a Week?

           By G.P. Avants

“Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him.”

                        Psalm 34:8

How would you feel if you ate one meal once a week?

Think about it. Besides being thinner than A fashion model you’d have

hardly enough strength to handle normal, everyday stresses.

Your brain would imagine things and blow simple things out of proportion. 

            Yep, we would be irrational and often irritable, a real joy to be around.   Our perspective on friendships and relationships would take on a different bend when we are starving.

            Should I mention that everything on the inside of your body begins to turn on itself when you are hungry? Bones weaken, organs turn on themselves, and the list goes on. 

You might eat anything when you are hungry but, your body has a hard time digesting it or even keeping it down. On the flip side, your body has a hard time getting rid of the toxins that have built up inside of you. 

            However, when we do eat on a regular basis and take time to digest it all, our bodies reward us with good health.  We have a satisfaction about us that keeps us from falling into illness or fatigue.

            Where am I going with this?  

            Well, physically this all makes sense and we wouldn’t purposely starve ourselves, would we?  

            But we do it to ourselves spiritually.  Many of us find “Sunday Breakfast” as our only spiritual meal for the week.  The pastor is the chef, waiter, and often seems to get the job as busboy.   His main course is served up from the Word of God.  It’s a wonderful meal yet, one meal won’t cut it when you have a week’s worth of life to face.

            Our spiritual meals should be daily in the quietness of our homes.  We seek the Lord, feed on His Word and properly digest the meal so it can gird us up for the day at hand.  We can think clearly, perceive correctly and cope adequately with the daily stresses we are asked to face when we have eaten a good meal.

            When we eat spiritual food in our daily quiet time we will have that satisfaction we long for in the Lord. His Spirit has time to clean us out, fill us up, and send us off to the “the school of hard knocks”.   We are better prepared to comprehend what He has for us to learn that day.  Don’t go off to “school” without a nourishing meal.  When the tests come in “class” your brain will be mushy without some real sustenance. 

            Hungry?  It’s all right there in The Word.  Eat and be satisfied because there’s nothing in this world that even compares.  We know it, can quote it, preach it but, until we eat of It we’ll never know how good It is.



  1. My quiet time each morning is a sincere pleasure. The more I “eat” of God’s Word, the more I want to “eat!” Thankfully it’s all nourishment and no calories! : )

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