Empty: With Miles to Go.

By G.P. Avants

“It is God who arms me with strength and makes my way perfect.”

                                                           2 Samuel 22:33

            It’s nagging at me again. I see the needle grazing the “E” and wonder if I can push it just a little farther down the road. Should I take the time to stop and be a little late to my destination? Or should I see if I can save some time and get gas down the road?

            I know I should have left earlier, and this wouldn’t be an issue. It seems lately that I have been in the habit of running on empty with miles yet to go. A once and a while thing has become an annoying lifestyle. Have I become so busy that I have neglected the simple things? These simple things that make my trip smoother and cut out a lot of stress. 

            When I do finally hit the station, I go for the cheap gas. Why? Have you seen the price of gas? I know that my car would run better on higher octane fuel but, I can’t afford it. If there were a substitute, I would definitely prescribe to it. I would run my car on cooking oil if I could get away with it. However, my car was not designed for that change, not yet. At this point it is happy to be full, or as close as I can get to it. It seems to run much better on a satisfied stomach instead of a hollow one.

            Am I becoming like my car? (No, my bumper is not getting wide and plastic.) I mean, do I let my life get used to running on empty? I try to push it to the next “station” where I hope to get recharged. It’s easy to say, “I’m going to do this tomorrow”, “I will spend time with the family this weekend, I promise,” “I’m going to make a New Year’s commitment to pray more and follow the Lord.”

            If I am running on empty all the time and not refueling, I have no guarantee of what I can or can’t do. If I refuel and it’s not the manufacture’s recommended fuel, I can’t expect to run as efficiently as I could. My engine is screaming out for help. The instrument panel is all lit up but am I ignoring the signs?

            We were made to run on the fuel of the Holy Spirit. With God’s strength we are guaranteed to get to the end of our destination. We can have the get up and go to get through our everyday things. That’s a promise from the Boss of the factory himself.

            Lord, help me to not run so low so often. Teach me to refuel and recharge often. Help me not to substitute what you designed me to run on for anything else. Please remind me of how I am designed and that I can do all things in your power and strength, even the impossible.

                                                                                    In Jesus name




  1. Do you suppose our cars feel better when their tanks are full of gas? 😄 Probably not! But I know I do. Perhaps you’ll like this quote from Charles Spurgeon, Gary: “A Bible that is falling apart usually belongs to someone who isn’t.” Good truth!

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