Faucets or Fountains

By G.P. Avants

“For with you is the fountain of life; In your light we see light.”                                                           Psalm 36:9           

 One convenience we have being in a civilized country is running water. To have somewhat fresh water piped into your home is a dream come true for those whose job it is to carry water day in a day out.            A faucet is an interesting device if you really think about it. You have access to hot and cold water. You can control how much of it you want to release at one time, etc. It puts the control of one of earth’s most precious resources literally in the palm of your hand.           

 A natural fountain on the other hand seems wild and free in comparison. It bubbles up from deep in the earth and brings some of the purest water to the surface. Many claim that water from natural springs have many healing properties to them that you won’t find in domesticated waters.            

The Lord in His word says that those who place their faith in him will have rivers of living water gushing out if them. I could be wrong but, I didn’t hear anything about the control of this water being in my hands. I don’t believe there is a faucet involved here.  


When I do try to control the things of God issuing out of my life I may be messing with things I shouldn’t. That water is a vivid picture of the Spirit of God in our lives. When He works through us it pours out into the lives of others.            

We have no clue sometimes what we might have said or done to bring others to Christ. He has the freedom to do what He does even when I wished I wasn’t so “free flowing.”            

There are times when I see myself being poured out and worried I was going to dry up and wilt. I find myself wanting to put a handle, a spicket, or something over this fountain in my life. Yet, God is generous and spares no expense when giving the water of life to a thirsty world.   


Even at times I feel weary, He reminds me of those who dying of thirst. I can endure a little discomfort if there are those who are hanging between living or dying eternally who need my help.            

Lord, help me when I feel drained to the dregs in my life. Let me remember that your life is a continuous free flowing, bottomless ocean. You run through my life and heal others around me.             When I start thinking it’s all flowing from me, remind me I am the vessel you are the wonderful contents. Forgive me for trying to control what I should just let flow. Let me be a fountain of your love instead of one who has to be in control of everything you put in me.            

Wait a sec.            



  1. We have a well. Had to drill so deep the water’s got a ton of magnesium in it. Has to be “softened” before use… which also has biblical aspects, doesn’t it? Merry Christmas. And a blessed New Year to you and yours.

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