Fed up, Used up, Burnt up? Look Up

“Be watchful and strengthen the things that remain.”

                                    Revelation 3:2

“Feeling like a shriveled balloon

Just about to pop.

End of my rope,

Worn to a frazzle,

These chippings never stop.”

“Empty as a rusty, dusty can

Full of nothing but nuffin’.

Dry as a bone,

Strong as broken reed,

On the breeze

Is all my stuffin’.”

“The fumes of smoke and ashes

Are rising to my nose. 

Charred cracking toast,

Lethal gaseous fumes,

Breaking down to basic elements

I suppose.”

Fed up,

Used up,

Burnt up,


Like the living dead,

Walk by me everyday

In their eyes

Something deeper

I have read.

“Tell me, please,

Is there hope, still?

Is this all life has to offer?

‘Cause each day

By body is weaker

And my soul is smaller.”

I look down in shame

For pat answers just sound

So used and plain.

What do I see on Earth

That can give them something

To stand on

That will renew 

Their faith again?

I breathe and ask for


Before I speak a word.

I know these folks 

Are broken,

Have heard all sorts of guidance,

That has left them 

Wanting more. 

I look up for direction

And laugh

(In my head of course)

For the answer isn’t found

On Earth but in Heaven;

From where peace, comfort,

Hope and life find their source. 

1 Comment

  1. Yes, the answers are there for those who seek God, reach out for him, and find him, though he isn’t far from any of us (Acts 17:27). May we point them in the right direction by our words and actions!

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