Feel the Burn

By GP. Avants

This tale is about John M.

A fire chief

With a batallion of men.

Fighting fires,

Saving lives,

Giving hearts

Another try.

Years JM made his city proud

They hailed his service

Patting shoulders,

Praising loud.


When the embers burned low,

And the city ebbed cold,

Our heroes once burning valiant

Are shuffed off in the snow.

Cuts are made

But cuts that bleed

Regardless of the pressing need.

John M. who led his fired up team

Who held his line without broken seam.

Got burned himself by those in lead.

What does a fireman do

When he gets burned?

If those whom he helped

Have left walked and turned

Their backs?

It’s a fickle thing

To be seen as a hero of men.

When things are good,

The way we think they should


Your in the formost in

Their memories.

When times are bad

And money is tight

It seems you’re an extra expense,

That to them doesn’t equate,

Or make good business sense

They send you a way.

We all know that isn’t wise

Or right.


Others in need will see your worth,

They have need of your fire

When their hope burns low.

Something stirs in the ashes

A new green bit among bracken branches.

That remind the hero 

His dreams need not die

They stay always a-glow.

Everyday heros 

Or professional ones,

Don’t give up

When the world 

Walks away.

Be true to 

The Hero of Heroes

Through the “hoorays’

And the low blows,

To the end of your days.


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