Feeling a little Green

By G.P. Avants

“The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it.”                                                      Psalm 24:1       

      One day on the news a new term began to surface. They talked about going green. I had heard that term before and knew it had something to do with recycling and conservation of energy. Yet this is more like a movement to get our country looking at becoming more environmentally responsible.            Being green isn’t new.            

Adam and Eve were given the job of tending the Garden of Eden. Man was given the job of being good managers of the earth. So, in the birth of a perfect world, things were already in the green.            

As an American I see the need to becoming better managers of what we have as a people. There has been a lot of misuse and mismanagement of our environment. We have suffered because of greed and lack of concern. We all know that.           

I do try to recycle, make things last and be responsible with the things I have. I do this not out a desire to be green but, because of a different reason.  



My concern is that many put their hope in saving the Planet Earth. Being green isn’t bad yet, it can become a way of life that tries to solve all of earth’s issues.             

I want to tell you now that the world is going to end. As a believer I know that as a fact. The earth as we know it won’t last forever. We should manage it well, that is our responsibility. However there is something that is going to last when the earth is no more.            

I recycle so I can give. Money is tight when you have kids. So, I prayed about a way that I could find ways to give to missions or to have extra when there is a need. So, we save those bottles, cans, and change. It may not add up to a lot at the end of the month but, I know it’s something, at least.              nspi

I think being green and not wasting what you have, making it stretch, is good management. Our society has gotten fat and sassy. We have more than we need, and I think it’s easy to take that for normal. It’s not. I would rather find way, as Jesus said, the use what I have for eternity. Can I do with a lot less? Sure.            

So being green has its good points and bad. I think anything where the Lord is present can be a good thing. He’s good about making boundaries and keeping things from being more than they should. So, if you are thinking green sounds like a good idea, do your best. Everything is the Lord’s and the more we can use and not abuse the better. Pray about how it can be a way God can be glorified. That’s always a way to make your green alive and kicking.



  1. There are SO many ways we can reuse, recycle, and make things last longer to save money. I love your intentionality to put those savings toward mission efforts. Well done, Avants family!

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