Never Be Enough?

Okay, I am going to push one more time to inspire you dreamers out there. Things are changing on our world. It is a time of those little unknown people to take a step of faith and do what God has called you to do. There are so many reasons why we can’t, but here are some reasons to do it.

  1. God has made you unique. No one else is going to do what He has put on your heart.
  2. Is time an issue? Start small, maybe 15 minutes a day and let it grow.
  3. How about empty pockets? If the Lord is funding this dream you will have what you need to follow through.
  4. You aren’t alone. If this is the Lord’s dream for your life, don’t you think He is going to carry it out? If you think about it has the Lord ever not finished what He started.
  5. Is your faith in yourself small, in others or the Lord? He says you only need a mustard-sized bit. That’s pretty tiny. The key is WHO you plant that seed into.
  6. Do others think you idea is crazy? Some of the most life-changing inventions, ideas, or movements often met with resistance, joking, or out right hate. But if this this something the Lord is making, it will stand the test of time. That is because it is rooted in the soil of eternity.

This character from the Greatest Showman, Jenny Lynn took a step of faith to leave the comfort of her home in England. She trusted that P. T. Barnum that he was helping people build their dreams. If you listen to her song and the passion she puts into her song, you see that Jenny has found her path. When a person does this they soar and so do the people around them.




  1. Thank you for the encouragement-through-questions, Gary. I’m quite sure God gives a dream–a passion–to each of his children, in order to accomplish his grand master plan. What a privilege for us to participate!

    1. Nancy,

      Thank you. Yes, finding your talent and reason for being is so important. Hope all is well. Oh, belated Mother’s Day. In Christ,


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