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Welcome to my blog. It’s funny how ideas pop in your head, right? I often get a title or crazy idea, that I pray is inspired.  One of my first devotional pieces was called, “Bug Butter”. It was inspired by a friend’s outdoor wedding where tiny little gnats found the butter on the tables, a nice landing field. Of course they got grounded and most people at our table munched in dry bread and passed on the slightly winged spread. For some this special occasion was totally ruined. I was one of those who saw that only the top of the butter was tainted, but not the rest of it. It made me a think of how life tries to ruin special things or moments in our lives. However, the Lord always shows us how to make the best of a bad or inconvenient situation.

So, the idea to encourage people in discouraging times came into being. We live in a fallen world that wants to irritate, ruin, sabotage, and eventually undermine people’s lives. Yet, God has given us Christ , insight, hope, His Word, and even a sense of humor to build others up instead of tearing them down.

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Thank you,

G.P. Avants

Encouragement in discouraging times


  1. You have a kind face, Gary, if you don’t mind me saying.:) Thanks for all the lovely comments you leave on my blog – always much appreciated. God bless you.

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