100% x 2

By G.P. Avants   Jesus Wept. Jesus Laughed. Jesus Coughed. Jesus Sighed. I am sure He smiled. I am sure He got cuts. I am sure He got itchy. I am sure he tripped on ruts. The Lord got hungry. The Lord got sweaty. The Lord got angry. The Lord’s hair got messy. He had no sin but walked holy among The sinful ones in … Continue reading 100% x 2


    By G. P. Avants 3 is a magic number As the old song goes.   It’s God’s number The trinity: God in three persons Father, Son and Spirit. He sees the from eternity The Past, Present, and Future All at once; He is The great IAM. He created a lowly planet Third from the sun To be the only habitable place In our … Continue reading 3

The “I’s” of March 

I know this sounds a little selfish, but I just had a birthday. Because my birthday is so early in the month I usually drop presents of encouragement on Facebook for the rest of the March. I dropped the ball this year so I am taking time to give them out in one shot. Feel free to pass them on to people you know need … Continue reading The “I’s” of March 

Making History Episode 6

By G. P. Avants Finally, we have gotten to the end of this series, or is it? When you want to make history it takes blood, sweat, and tears. However, if you love what you do, it is worth the hard work to make it come to life.   Continue reading Making History Episode 6

Make History Episode #3

Many of the household items and great inventions all come from accidents. Isn’t it true that we learn more from our mistakes then from our successes? Continue reading Make History Episode #3


“For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” Matthew 11: 30   Got it. The work ahead Is plain to see; Some tell me: “If it’s meant to be, It’s up to me.” I grab the plow. My back I bow, Flex and bent, All day; From beginning to end. As sunset falls,   It’s then I view   The fruit of my … Continue reading Yoke