Welcome Albert to Instagram

Teen boy


Our sixth character from Chronolocity Vol 1: A Fistful of Chronotons is a quiet teen named Albert. Levy learns that Albert keeps to himself, sits a lot and thinks, on top of that his English is limited. What is his story in history? Levy and the other boys will discover this in time. We do know that Albert has an ear for music.  Because of this the team is able to formulate an escape when they see Mr. Cross’s plans turning sour.

Who is Albert? I guess you will have to read the story and find out. If you are counting this is your sixth character to collect and share on your social media. Thanks for helping us make history at chronolocityhq.com

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Look Thomas Edison is on Instagram!

Thanks for taking this to time travel romp with us. Chronolocity Vol I: A Fistful of Chronotons takes a different look at history and the people that inhabit it. Take Thomas Edison, inventor of the lightbulb and many other household devices. In the story, he is Levy Roarke’s hero and who he aspires to be like. However, Levy does get to meet an eight year old version of Mr. Edison and it alters his perspective of the legend. Let’s just say that young Tom and Levy don’t always see eye-to-eye on a great many things. I guess the tagline of Chronolocity is symbolized here: No matter how this story turns out, not one will ever look at history the same.

Tom is the fifth character to collect from the series. If you have loved the book or like the quote, please post to Instagram or your favorite social media sites. Help us all make history at chronolocityhq.com


To INvent

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The One About The Justice League Meeting the Spartans


This is our second epsisode recorded live at the Spartan Youth Group in Moreno Valley. We watched and discussed the new Justice League movie. 

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This is the One About Why We Started Neekology 101


This episode is how any why we started Neekology. 


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The Super Fruit of Self-Control



But hospitable, a lover of what is good, sober-minded, just holy, self-controlled.


                        Titus 1:8


Last time we spoke about the term super fruit. These are fruits that are highly nutritious and provide your body with essential building blocks. Did you know that there are super fruits available for your soul? Our soul needs to be fed for it is the real core of who we are. There is the fruit of the Holy Spirit which enables God’s children to live a life of faith in the world. Each week we will talk about a different fruit, or as some feel a different aspect of one fruit with multiple uses.  On a recent car ride my family and I made a list of some of the natural super fruits that feed our natural body and tried to associate one with a spiritual fruit. So, here goes.

Ice Cream

Where do we start with self-control?

Is it more than using will power to avoid scarfing down the last cookie or taking a trip to Costco for just one small item? There are books on good setting boundaries that tell you who, what, and where, to lay those lines of self-control. Is it being able to avoid, run, or turn my head away from things that gnaw at my thoughts? In our natural state as humans we can use some amount of this virtue. But is that enough in a world that eats human virtues for lunch?


Picture a blueberry as fruit of self-control. Why blueberries? They are so delicious, you have a hard time believing they are good for you. Of course, it’s hard to have just a few. However, we have to apply self-control for even too much of a good thing can get messy and leave behind unsightly stains. So, this requires wisdom and help to give just the right balance in our lives.


How is the fruit of the soul different?


The fruit for the soul in this case, reminds us that we can find satisfaction in other ways. Our body needs food, but it doesn’t dictate things like a spoiled child who thinks of the cookie as MINE! Your perspective of food as fuel can accomplish good godly goals that come first.  So you can better watch what you eat, the portions you need, and quality of the food you consume. Maybe a trip to Costco, reminds you that you have more than you need. You count your blessings being in a land of plenty, and you don’t need everything you see. Besides, you are reminded that we are managers, not owners of anything on earth. Real riches are saved for eternity. We can be happy with what we have and use it wisely and with thanks to the Lord for His provision. Maybe when it comes to getting advice on self-control we see godly boundaries and our perspective alters. Instead of seeing God’s laws as constraining and limiting, it becomes a solid foundation under our feet in a chaotic world. What we give up is passing away, yet what we don’t see yet is becoming more a reality with each passing day.


Hope you get to enjoy a taste from the fruit of the Spirit every day. Tell us about your own take on how you take on the virtue of self-control.





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Happy New Year

Dear Friends,

What a blessing it has been to have you as a reader on this blog. I write it to encourage people, but I get blessed and moved by hearing from you. Let’s keep in contact into this new year.

I am starting the new year with a series called, Superfruit of the Soul. It is a short series on spiritual health with the fruit virtues of the Holy Spirit, like love, joy, peace, etc. I hope it will give you a boost for the beginning of great things in 2018!

Thanks for those who have supported my first writing project, Chronolocity Vol 1: A Fistful if Chronotons. I am learning a lot about sharing this project and will hopefully keep you posted on its progress. I am currently working on adverts ting in social media,recording the audio version of the book, and working on the next novel, Vol II How the West was Xrossed. If you want to help us make history you can check out Chronolocityhq.com:


Again, love your comments, questions, and thoughts, Keep them coming. If you are a fellow blogger, I hope you feel the support as umph you need to keep on keeping on.


Your friend in time,


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Martin Luther King is on Instagram!

Chronolocity Vol I: A Fistful of Chronotons is a sci-fi novel that also borders on the genre of historical fiction. Case in point, Mr. Cross’s plan to paint a better future, involves subtly influencing key historical figures from the past. The catch is that he influences their younger more susceptible childhood versions. So, our main character, Levy Roarke walks on egg shells as he is forced to interact with none other than a ten year old Martin Luther King Junior.  Junior, as he likes to be called, is very aware that his life is being tampered with and questions his role in this new version of  history.

Junior is the fourth character from the series for you to collect. If you love the novel Chronolocity, please post Junior on your Instagram and other social media platforms. Thanks for helping us make history at chronolocityhq.com.


If you can't fly 2

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