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Hi Fellow Time Travelers,

Well I am learning how to do some marketing and Chronolocity is going on in Instagram and Pinterest. Could you please post this infographic on your site? The next few weeks I will be sending out different character. Collect the whole set!

Your friend in time,

G. P. Avants





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Here, There, Anywhere

Wait for it

“If they obey and serve me, they will spend the rest of their days in prosperity and their years in contentment.’

Job 36: 11


I am slowly learning to appreciate the moments in life. I was always guilty of being somewhere else when I should have been content with being right here, right now.When I wished I was with a group of people, nobody came around. When I wanted to be alone and have it quiet, that’s when the phone rings and everyone comes knocking on my door. Doesn’t that sound crazy? But it’s true.


Things don’t always turn out the way we expect them to. Something needs to change. As usual it means I need to change. That’s what I found that God is after. He wants me to have the same attitude as His Son, because in Christ I am. Most of the miracles Jesus did, or the interactions He had, didn’t fit into His schedule. They came as He was on His way somewhere else. There were times He was resting and people came flooding around.


He surrendered His will to God and let Him fill out His schedule. Jesus was never in a rush, was often interrupted yet, accomplished all the Lord set out for Him to do. Though He may not have always known why, He knew God had a purpose with all the inconveniences. Even now, I am waiting on my wife. She has company that probably needs to talk. I am watching her son after a long day at work. I want to get to my writing, have a nice quiet dinner with my family, and get some down time. It’s probably not going to happen that way. I wish they would go home but, God knows what He’s doing. I don’t want to spoil something that God has cooking. Again, it’s my attitude that needs to change.


I need to be content here, there, or anywhere the Lord puts me. I can’t always control my circumstance but, I can control my behavior, my response to it. I am going to go now and have a quiet dinner to myself. I will talk to you later and tell you how things are going.

Cat Waiting

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Spending time


Making History (1)

By Elise Quinonez




Is like a monetary item

That can’t be saved,




But can be spent,

Frittered away,





Can be built,

Or torn down;

Refined and tuned,

Or ignited and burned;



It makes you wait,

Can turn up late,


Be the best surprise

On one unforgettable date.



Can be a hard master

That owns your years,


A faithful servant,

That shares your tears.



Is truly what you make it.

Spend it wisely.

Build something lasting.

Be patient with its twists.

Turn tears, fears, and scars

Into an eternal treasury.


Find out more about how Elise makes history:



Chronolocity Book Cover_9.9.15-Recovered-Recovered

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He Sees my Sea Star on the Sea Shore

By G.P. Avants

The ocean turned

And scraped us all

From the sandy bottom.

One of countless

Sea stars


On a barren beach

One Autumn.

Helpless we blindly-stared

Face downward

Gasping for life-giving

Water to breath.

Fallen sea stars,

Drowning in the open air,

Each lost moment

Closer to death.

With no one to help

All hope seemed lost,

Footsteps squished

The softening sand

That sealed our fate.

Upon drying land.

A weathered hand

Took me up,

Lifted high,

And tossed me back.

Into the churning sea.

In shock

And a gasp

I felt life return

To my body, mind.

And soul.

Looking up

I saw the face

Of my savior

Who made this

Dead star soar.

Upon my return,

Those other stars

Who knew my fate


Upon my return

Why death wasn’t

My final fate.

All I knew

Was once I was lost

But now I am found

Was beached

But now this star

Can see.

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Ralphie to the Rescue!



By G.P. Avants



I just got a jump start into the holiday season! The Christmas Story was already of my favorite Christmas movies, but seeing adapted as a musical became a whole new experience. I was so excited about seeing this performance that I wanted to make an entry into my weekly blog post.


In this musical adaptation of the 1983 film, we were transported back to the 1940’s via the radio show of Jean Shepherd. Our narrator interacted with his younger self, Ralphie Parker, 24 days (and counting down) before Christmas Day. The entire ensemble is all there just like I remembered from the film: Ralphie, Randy, Mom, Dad (The Old Man), Swartz, Flick, Mrs. Shields, and the nostalgic townsfolk from Hohman, Indiana. Each person had their characters down to a tee.  As Ralphie navigates his way through a child’s wonder and wackiness of Christmas, the Old Man and his wife made that house a home despite the challenges they faced.


Samuel Nalick had Ralphie Parker down to a tee, glasses and all. He embodied our intrepid hero and his plans to achieve the best gift that he had or would ever have for Christmas: The Red Ryder Carbine Action 200-shot Range Model air rifle with a compass in the stock and “this thing which tells time”. We all know at what lengths Ralphie had to endure to receive his gift, but the story had new twists and turns that the audience would soon discover.


Our good friend Tanner Levasseur played Ralphie’s best friend Flick. His claim to fame was being the boy who was triple-dogged dared into sticking his tongue to a frozen flag pole. Tanner being a fantastic tap dancer, brought out a whole other side to Flick via his deft tapping toes.


Rachel Pfeifer Green and Jason Wesley Green brought Mom and Dad into the musical foray. We experienced moments by them both that helped us understand who Ralphie’s parents were, inside and out. If we didn’t love them already, we did after this performance. The humor, the family drama, and the Spirit of Christmas past reflected all the reasons why this was such a great holiday classic.


Part of the classic zaniest of the film came through Ralphie’s active imagination. He envisioned, plotted, and schemed how he would receive the treasures gift of his dreams in all its glory.  I sat back and mused on those moments and how it would flesh out on the stage. I wasn’t disappointed in the least. The song, “Ralphie to the Rescue”, supported our hero’s reasons why having the Red Rider is not only the epitome of the perfect Christmas present, but would protect everyone in Mr. Parker’s life. There were many great musical moments that allowed Ralphie’s dreams and schemes to be shared with us, his captive audience.


As I watched the play I also began to predicting about some of the classic icons that abound in the Christmas Story: The Major Award, the use of the “fudge” word, and the pink bunny suit were just a few I hoped would be featured. The Old Man, as Ralphie’s father is remembered, wins the curvy leg lamp, AKA the Major Award. In a musical number, we get to see where Ralphie’s inherited his active imagination. The Old Man, in his ecstasy, dreamt of the lamp in all its feminine glory.

Mrs. Shields E7

The not-so-subtleness of the finer points of the English language were explored with a family car trip halted by a flat. Do you remember the moment Ralphie resorted to blurting out the four-letter expletive after losing the car’s lug nuts?  FUUUUDGE! Neither will he.  Our fallen hero muses on his fatal fudged up moment with a bar of life boy soap stuck in his mouth. That was bad, but Swartz got it worse.


Just when things couldn’t get worse, Christmas Day broke without a Red Rider locked and loaded. Yet, Aunt Clara’s infamous handmade Pink Bunny suit became the mantle of Ralphie’s failure. He pouted with everyone’s dire warning echoed in his ears: “You’ll shoot your eye out, kid.” Yet, thanks for the Old Man the Red Rider and Ralphie Parker are destined to become legend after all.


Just when I thought the story couldn’t get any better, by Jove, it did. Underpinning the entire story were the themes of love, the importance of family, and persevering through difficult times. When Ralphie’s mom sung about the challenges of being a mother, and yet, doing it all because she loved her family, it moved me. Jean Shepard masterfully translated all of the tough, odd, and difficult things kids and parents exchange in words into love for each other. His character, in hindsight, brought back reminders of what a past generation wants us to never forget: We all can be blessed, especially in the times and seasons we are in, by the love and support of our family and friends. Yes, this is A Christmas Story, but the message is one we should hold precious thought out the whole year.

Temecula Playhouse

Thank you, Temecula House for another memorable and moving presentation. The theatre has always done great shows that cover a variety of topics. There isn’t a bad seat in the house, the prices are affordable, and it features lots of local talent. I encourage everyone to support the arts and the artists talents and hard work.


Merry Christmas and have a great start to your new year! And please, don’t shoot your eye out, kid!

Leg Lamp


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A6 Time Traveler Case #5: Four For Espionage

Thank you for joining us for another entry into the characters from my first novel., Chronolocity Vol 1 A Fistful of Chronotons.



In this entry, we meet three children from history, no wait, there is a fourth. After a time-travel accident, Levy is housed with three other boys. These boys are all notable figures from the 20th Century who will grow up to make their mark on history. I bet after seeing these little tidbits from the book, you can guess who they will be. Levy also has an unseen female neighbor who lives next door. They communicate through the connecting bathroom wall using Morse Code.  All of these historical personages make a more personal impact on Levy and the fate of history as we are about to find out.  Levy, Junior, Tom, and Albert plan an escape from their quarters and somehow help turn the tide of the time war, with a little help from their neighbor Annie.

Depositphotos_33887763_original Teen boy

The truth is matter how this story turns out, not one will ever look at history the same again. Want to know more?


Harriet Tubman 

A warning from the A6 for all time travelers:




Sample the experimental sound track on Band Camp:



Chronolocity Book Cover_9.9.15-Recovered-Recovered

And get a free first chapter of Chronolocity Vol I: A Fistful of Chronotons at my website:


Hope you will join us on the journey. Strap in hold on tight and enjoy the ride.

Your friend in time,

 G.P. Avants


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He who loves his life will lose it, and he who hates his life in this world will keep it for eternal life.

                                   John 12:25



Do remember the 50/50 bar? It was a combination of popsicle and ice cream all neatly packaged for our frozen confection consumption. Sorry to get your hopes up, but that is not what this piece is about.


It is however dedicated to people who know what is to have one foot on this world and one in another. These people have been though struggles in this life and it has radically changed their perspective. If you can bear with a few fictional characters and their struggles it might help you understand.


Superman in this scene shows me that when look at the Earth from a Heavenly viewpoint you see that all mankind is in great need of a savior.

Spock Dying

Mr. Spock sacrificed his life for those he loved. He appreciated the purpose of life by passing through the dark doors of death.


Will Byer was a boy from a broken home. He also struggled with being misunderstood by most of his school mates, even dubbed “zombie boy,” after coming back from the Upside Down.


Back in the real-world things are changing. Can you feel it? People to your left and next door are going through life-changing circumstances that redefines their character. There are people I know whose faith has been tested and it has deepened their life on earth. Think about this. As some are losing hope and questioning their existence, others are being grounded in what they believe. Isn’t interesting that believers in Christ are suffering for their faith, yet their trials tell people that they have an anchor of the soul though it all?

Wouldn’t you agree that if ever we needed people who can weather this season with a strength not their own, it’s now?


So, here is the reason I am writing this post. I have been honored for the past five years as an online blogger to meet some real 50/50ers. These are my brother and sisters in the Lord who have stories to tell. I highly encourage you to check out what they do and maybe follow their progress as well.


Michael Miller loves comic books. He is a teacher who uses the mythos of Star Wars to teach high school students. His blog My Comic Relief is his outreach to those who love a variety of hero comics and characters that inhabit that world. Michael has a great way of humanizing characters he finds who have fascinating story to tell while weaving his faith though the narrative. His pieces are thought provoking and detailed, but worth the read. He has been a big encouragement to me and  my fellow bloggers. Michael has often reminded me on this busy life the importance of taking time to reach out to others for the sake of Christ online or in person.


I found the blog site Beauty Beyond Bones about a year into my first blog. What struck me about BBB was the wisdom and clarity she had at such a young age. Her blog is geared to encourage those who have gone through struggles like anorexia. BBB shares her faith boldly though her stories of overcoming, learning, and preparing for whatever God has ahead for the future. She encourages me in that I have hope for the next generation. With people like her living out their faith, in times like these the Gospel will be passed down into capable hands. BBB is someone I would like my daughter to grow up to be like. That is probably one of the greatest honors I could wish for people. Her book, Bloom, has been published If it is anything like her blog it will be fantastic. I hope to get to it on my reading list soon so I can give a proper review.


Last, but not least, is my online friend Mitch Teemley. When I recognized his name online I remember he was part of a Christian comedy team from my younger days called, Isaac Airfreight. If he had any hand in that wonderfully clever writing team, I told myself, his blog has to be great. I was more than impressed in Mitch’s way of sharing his faith, his humor, his poetry, and the never-ending variety of pieces he produces. The Lord has blessed my brother with an ample supply of endless creative ideas and stories. When I grow up, I hope I will still have all the gears and motors of a creative mind like Mitch has. If that wasn’t enough I found out that Mitch is a Christian film maker. His film hasn’t hit theatres yet, but what I have heard through the grapevine that it will be a film people will be talking about.


I know this is a longer post then normal, but I needed to let you know about people who live out their faith in times like these. I hope just as faithfully as you follow our blogs, you will follow my friends and support what they do. We need to honor our 50/50ers and encourage them to keep that connection between Heaven and Earth broadcasting clearly.

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