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By G. P. Avants



I have the privilege of being part of a great film program called Teen Vision. For the past eight years I have seen them create some pretty powerful productions aimed at teens and their daily struggles and issues. It has always been the team’s goal to create five minute piece that tell a story with all the elements that make a great full length movie. I believe that this year’s film has accomplished that goal.


Every year Teen Vision from Val Verde High School in Perris, CA creates a short five minute student feature. Their topics cover many issues that teens face daily: depression, environmental issues, pregnancy, gang life, etc. The twist is that Teen Vision always puts their own unique twist and flavor to often controversial issues. For the past eighteen years Robert DelCampo has worked with numerous students to create original and memorable shorts that always pack a punch. The program was initiated through a grant program called KWN through Panasonic. This helps schools jump start and maintain their video production programs. As part of the grant each school has to produce a short movie and enter them in a nation-wide competition.


This year’s feature, “Stitched Love,” really shows the level that this hard-working team has been shooting for during their career. We meet Elijah, a teen who painfully shares his past rejections and loss, with his therapist. Rejected by both parent at an early age, Elijah has nothing but a childhood toy that shows him what being loved is all about. Through his eyes we learn that our past can rattle and shake our present or can be an opportunity to express something for earth shaking: forgiveness.

SL 2

To me a great film has many layers. One of them is the economy of words. One well-placed word can speak volumes into the lives of those who need it the most. When sharing a delicate message in such a short time, there are no words to spare. You have to pick them carefully. When the adult Elijah shares his story with us, we learn that he didn’t let his past hurts define him. Instead of rejecting a second chance with his estranged dad, he chose to forge a new relationship with him. When told that his father wanted to have lunch with him, Elijah used a simple word that said it all, “Absolutely!” To me that spoke volumes about how far the angry Elijah came from his past of feeling unlovable. He now lives a new life, stitched together from the remains of a childhood that was torn apart.


Working with many teens from broken homes this movie really spoke to them. Here are a few of their responses.


The whole time he spoke about his past and why you can’t live there anymore.”

                                                               – DeWhite


“You gotta love yourself.”



“I can really relate to Elijah’s story.”


The folllowing paragraph was written by Zyan Duran who played the main character in the movie. I asked him if he would share a little about his experience while being part of this Teen Vision Production.

” My experience with this years Teen Vision film was a great one for me. Coming into the Movie Crew, I wasn’t expecting to be the lead actor. My job at first was the Producer’s Assistant and Camera Man. Nothing else came into my mind besides the fact that those were my main jobs. Then one day during a meeting with the crew we decided that i was gonna be the lead actor. My first thoughts were “okay this is something new. It shouldn’t be that hard, it’s just talking in front of camera” but that’s not what it was.The whole film was being lead on me and I had a big job to do ahead of me. The first day  I got the complete script was the day that I told myself that I was gonna do this. I went straight home and talked to my uncle and studied the script over and over. I read my lines in the mirror to myself, hoping that I will look like I fit the part.”

“The crew and I had a meeting after school one day and we went over the script. I wasn’t reading my lines the way I was supposed to, so me and my uncle took a walk into the studio. My uncle told me “sometimes it’s good to scream to let out the emotion you want for your part Zy” and he started screaming. I told my uncle and everyone that I can’t scream. They told me that I can do it, I just can’t hold back. That was my problem right there. I was holding back. I was scared to embarrass myself but something told me to just let it out and do it. So i screamed at the bottom of my lungs 2-4 times. I felt relieved by the fact that I just did that. I was proud of myself. We went back to the table to script read again and I was doing a whole lot better.. After that day I felt like I can do anything.”

“The first days of filming were the longest. We spent hours just doing takes back to back to back, trying to get the shots we need.  We would have a few minutes where we can get a break and just relax and chat, but once that was over we got right back to working.The last days were the shortest. We filmed at our next location and get my last few shots done. The last shot that we did, I ended up spraining my middle and ring finger on my left hand. I was the only injured person on the set, but luckily I was finished right after!

In all, my experience with these years movie was the highlight of my senior year. I made some really close friends out of the crew that I can call family. “

SL 1

I heartily agree that this film does speak to a topic that touches us all. Everyone wants to be loved.

Here is the film, Stitched Love. Enjoy.



Thank you, Mr. DelCampo and the Teen Vision team for creating this wonderful story. I am not the only one who knows that this film marks a new direction for the future of your stories. I am excited to share the hard work you all have done over the years with the world. If you want to see the entire series of short films you can find them on You Tube at: https://www.youtube.com/user/TEENVISIONvvusd




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Love U



And now abide, faith, hope and love, these three; but the greatest of these is love.


                                                I Corinthians 13:13


Martin Luther King once said the most evil place in the US was Philadelphia ,MI. This was what inspired the movie, Mississippi Burning. It was all about an injustice of human rights. Isn’t there something weird when a place named after the city of brotherly love has experienced a hostile taken over?  Have heard it said that for evil men to succeed, good men merely do nothing. Maybe we have become so afraid of the world turning bad that we hide our light under bushel? We are afraid to be good.

You Are In Love820728224

We have taken a journey these past few weeks in the realm of love. Personally, I have come to realize that being good in this world is not enough. Human goodness and love have their limits. The heat is turning up and we are being pushed beyond our comfortable limits. It’s sort of like when you need Gatorade to quench that desperate thirst and plain water doesn’t cut it.


Maybe it’s just me, but I have been bummed out with Disney kid stars. Many of them start off sweet, cute, or slightly mischievous. They make an impact on our kids and become their favorite role models. However, the Great Popularity Machine slowly pulls them in a little compromise at a time. The end result is different for them all but is I think it just wants to extinguish good in any form. It’s like a fish on a hook.

Love in a Bottle

Good without God is in real trouble. You know what entropy is right? It is the truth that in this world of time everything wears out and runs down. I think that is actually one of the rules of thermodynamics. (Yes, it is the Second Law of Thermodynamics. It says that everything runs down if new energy is not balancing it out).  We are subject to this wear and tear. Needless to say, if these are the only tools you use, even as a morally good person, you are working with inferior tools.


Thus the War of Love is brought to the forefront. If love is God then we have weapons that don’t wear out. We are fighting on the right side, with time (and eternally) tested tools.  Our goal is to not just fight evil, but to show love to those around us. There are people who are yet to come into a real life in Christ. When it all comes down to it we fight evil with goodness, ‘Godness’, and we love those who are Godly so they can have hope in an evil world. There is some sort of Master Planned cycle here.


Okay, so, here is another cycle, I think.  We started with two simple words, “Love You.” I felt like that word had much more depth and power the more you seek to understand it. I learned that the five words for love are different and distinct. Yes, I have had obsessions and treated mania like real love. I am praying to practice what real romance. It is not just sex when it comes to eros. I am blessed to see a community of brothers and sisters growing. Phileo love, I am predicting is making a comeback. The world is trying to keep pounding hard on the families. Stand strong Storgy! Moms and dads you are still needed. These loves become what they were truly meant to be when God’s agape, unconditional love is their source. Like goodness from God, love springs pure from the true source.

Love in Action

I feel like we have been taking higher education courses. Maybe we have. If that is so, then classes are starting to prepare us for life. It has been a blessing to introduce you to the dean of students, Jesus Christ. Welcome fellow students to Love U.


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Rudy was the first of our team to see The Infinity Wars. Here he reviews the movie as it happens. 

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Loving the Enemy 


Prince Humperdink

By G.P. Avants


I am watching a scene from the Mummy 2, that really has tugged at my heart and mind. Rick O’Connell and the Mummy, Imhotop are both clinging for life on the edge of a pit of souls. Rick’s love, Evelyn reaches for him and pulls him to safety.  The Mummy looks to his woman, Anck Su to save him. They lock eyes for a moment, but in fear she runs to save her own life. The look in his eyes told you that this woman, whom he had risked everything for, didn’t return his love. To this day I don’t if Imhotop lost his grip or his heart broke causing his to be pulled down by the hands of the dead.



It was the look in his eyes that really got to me. The bad guy in the end was lost forever. He finally saw the truth in the end but by that time, it was too late. I think when we are faced with our struggles of right and wrong, we see the enemy differently. Maybe seeing that if someone showed them the love and grace you have been shown, maybe they will turn back from the dark side?


Frodo Baggins showed grace when he dealt with the two-faced creature named Gollum. The ring was the tainted temptation that bound their fates together. When Frodo showed compassion to his enemy and it gave the Sméagol part of Gollum something he never thought he’d see again: faith, hope, and love.


As a writer, I use examples like these to give my character’s depth and character. I love to see the enemy get a chance to be redeemed and maybe even makes steps to undo the damage they caused. What’s great about this is how the protagonist’s life changes as well. Their hearts have to move and deepen, by seeing their antagonist change before their lives.


Though these are fictional stories isn’t this how real life really works if God is allowed the be part of the story? When we learn I actually feel compassion for those who hate us, I feel like we are closer to understanding the love of Jesus firsthand. We too were all God’s enemies at one point. He saw that if His enemies were to accept his love for them, they too could be made new creations. I hope remembering what shoes we once walked in will keep us sensitive to those who struggled as we once did. Never stop showing love to your enemies like you Father did for you in Christ.

Zombie 1



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Love in the Time of Anarchy


By G. P. Avants


“ Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid.”

John 14:27


Zombie people

Today I asked a student if she was getting close to graduation. She said yes, but one teacher had failed so she had to stay a little longer. The student didn’t say she failed the class, but the teacher failed her. That is backwards, but we live in times that have turned or flipped in a different direction.


Is it just me or have you noticed or as well?


The news tells us about wars, illnesses, wild dictators, fearful people, and lone gunmen popping up everywhere. Some neighborhoods are being replaced by online communities. How did the drug dealers and prison life become honored, while police officers and teachers, become suspects and even vilified? I could go on and vent about how many good things are considered bad and shameful behavior accepted as good and natural. The world as we know it has turning inside out and backwards .


So, let me pause here and say, this is not a piece written to nag or complain. I am observing the changing of seasons in the world. These times have been predicted in the Bible for thousands of years. We read about times of turmoil and trouble, but to see it all jump off the pages and fleshed out in real time really takes its toll. We are moving into a time of lawlessness, need I say anarchy, across the globe. Like a frog plopped into warm water, the heat is turning up and we are getting accustomed to this backwards world settling around us.


Okay, so consider this: How do people who love God and hate sin in this world supposed to function? It says in the Bible that part of the role reversal is believers in Christ being hated, persecuted, and even killed for their faith. This is a world-wide situation which includes the US. No place is a safe haven.


On a personal note, it wears on me. When I try and do what is right, people question my motives. Showing God’s love to certain family members is met with anger and even bitter words. If feels like fewer neighbors want to talk, there are less online comments from those I try to encourage, and every mistake I make is met with pointed accusations. It can wear on a man and make one question his faith. Needless to say, it can even make you become a little hard and cynical. It is a fight every day to not succumb to sadness and discouragement.

Spock Dying

But, as bad as things look in time there are other things happening that are based in Eternity. Jesus, the author of life and this story we are all living in, knew this chapter was coming. Yes, this time of terribleness is here, but it is passing. It is like the parts in some of favorite stories when the characters like Christian from Pilgrim’s Progress, Frodo, or Harry Potter, have their character tested to the core. The beautiful reality is that those who walk with the Lord are doing just that, walking through time into a beautiful eternal life. How will love fare in a time of Anarchy? Read I Corinthians 13. Love is patient, kind, stronger than hate and anything in this world: love conquers all. All. Because Love and God are the same wonderful interchangeable word.


So, the question is, do we succumb to the world and the chaos that will eventually destroy it? Or do we let God’s love work through us and drawing on His Spirit to overcome? We do have a choice. That will never change.

Cat Waiting





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