Loving the Enemy 



By G.P. Avants


I am watching a scene from the Mummy 2, that really has tugged at my heart and mind. Rick O’Connell and the Mummy, Imhotop are both clinging for life on the edge of a pit of souls. Rick’s love, Evelyn reaches for him and pulls him to safety.  The Mummy looks to his woman, Anck Su to save him. They lock eyes for a moment, but in fear she runs to save her own life. The look in his eyes told you that this woman, whom he had risked everything for, didn’t return his love. To this day I don’t if Imhotop lost his grip or his heart broke causing his to be pulled down by the hands of the dead.



It was the look in his eyes that really got to me. The bad guy in the end was lost forever. He finally saw the truth in the end but by that time, it was too late.

Te Mummy

I think when we are faced with our struggles of right and wrong, we see the enemy differently. Maybe seeing that if someone showed them the love and grace you have been shown, maybe they will turn back from the dark side?


The Mummy Patience

As a writer, I use examples like these to give my character’s depth and character. I love to see the enemy get a chance to be redeem themselves and maybe even makes steps to undo the damage they caused. What’s great about this is how the protagonist’s life changes as well. Their hearts have to move and deepen, by seeing their antagonist change before their lives.


Though these are fictional stories isn’t this how real life really works if God is allowed the be part of the story? When we learn I actually feel compassion for those who hate us, I feel like we are closer to understanding the love of Jesus firsthand.



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Chronolocity Vol 1: Meet Levy Roarke

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When Words Aren’t…There 



By G. P. Avants

“In quietness and confidence shall be your strength.”

                                           Isaiah 30:15 



“There are moments that can change a person forever,” Bilbo Baggins whispered to himself. Before him a sea of forest of called Mirkwood, rippled with a bracing breeze and a flock of butterflies. He was no longer the same hobbit when he left home months before. Sometimes we experience times in our lives when words can’t truly express what our heart is feeling. Or maybe quiet is the appropriate response when words can spoil a moment’s uniqueness.


Okay, compared to most guys I tend to be a chatty Kathy. Maybe I have ideas or opinions bouncing around in my head that long to be formed into spoken words. It could also be a desire to connect with another person or to fill the awkward silence that fills the empty spaces surrounding us. So, for many years I had often built conversions with useless facts, rambling thoughts, and sadly, sack loads of self-promoting syllables. It sounds terrible to think that I might have abused words that may have been saved for more important occasions.


Then I learned about the beauty of silence and enjoying moments that words can’t describe. I thank my wife for teaching me how to relish the quiet drive, the turn of a page, or sitting scratching a patient pet’s head. Did you know that most people’s communication is 10% verbal and 90% non-verbal?  I have to catch myself crossing my arms while in a conversation. That is body language for “stay away, I need my space.” It’s easy to say one thing and express the real meaning with our actions. How do I use the majority of my communication that don’t need to come from my mouth?


Over the past few years I have learned to be comfortable with not being the center of a conversation. It’s nice to sit back and listen to what others are talking about. I don’t always have to throw in my two cents. (I am learning to let those words accrue and bank for later.) Writing has been a better outlet for the plethora of ideas filling up my restless brain. Taking in a moment for its sheer enjoyment is another use of communication. I think of a drive we once took up the coast of California. We sat in silence and took in those seaside vistas of the highway. When I have one of those days at work I pull put that moment and remind myself that God is in control.


Can I also share some pictures that don’t needs words to express their importance? These are from our recent trip to Arches National Park.











There are times when there isn’t a lot of conversation in our home. It still bugs the verbalizer in me. Yet, my wife appreciates me sitting with her with a foot rub without any reason why but to say silently, I love you. This could also apply to doing the dishes, vacuuming, or washing the car without a word.


Talkers I challenge you to work on that other 90% of your communication to others. Give that hug, do those dishes          (without the mumbling or grumbling) or let a smile let a stranger know they aren’t alone on the world.


Do you have silent moments that don’t need words to declare its specialness? Drop a picture and share it with us.


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“Can I have a word with a you?”

By G.P. Avants 

Words are amazing things. They are powerful whether spoken, written, or even thought about. One of these days I would love to do a study of how words are real and living things, moreover how they remind us to use them wisely. 

This piece is just a few examples of how I have seen the power of words affect people and the circumstances around them. 

God made all things with His words. He spoke all creating with the words, “Let there be…” 

His name is the Great I AM. That means He is, God has being, and is the source of life. Just being means God is eternal and not limited by time or space. When he made man he called them human beings. 


To Be. 

I Am 

We Are. 

We are literally state of being verbs. Verbs are action and action denotes life. We are not God, but we are made in His image. If He put words into us, we have something powerful right in the tip of our tongues. Whew, think about that before you speak your next words. 

Have you ever heard and seen this? 

You speaks encouraging words to others and watch their faces light up and their hearts lighten.

“You are beautiful.”

“Thanks for being my friend.”

“Have courage it’s going to get better.”

How about the inverse? Can the power of words be turned against people? It creates a whole different atmosphere in the room. 

“I hate you!” 

“You are worthless and weak.”

“Why were you ever born?”

Things happen to people. Words can either build them up from the soul, restore their mind, emotions, even their body can heal. Or you can crush a human being into whatever words you spit out at them. Haven’t you seen this yourself? 

I teach high school. There are three words I tell my kids I don’t want to hear in my classroom: f—, n—-, and b—-. “Why?”They ask. “Everyone uses them so it’s just normal taking,” they tell me. I tell them that some words, by their very use and nature are meant to hurt other people. I teach them about inflammatory words and that they do just that: they are meant to inflame, hurt, and enrage other people. 

There are so statements and promises that if you grab a hold of them can actually manifest themselves in your life. Crazy idea, right? Let’s take a few simple verses from the Bible and see what they can do if you take them to heart. 

“Cast all your care upon Him, for He cares for you.” 1 Peter 5:7

“Don’t worry about anything but pray about everything.”

     Phillipians 4:6

“Be strong and courageous for the Lord your God is with you.”

Joshua 1:9
Each one of these verses could just be nice little words that we read and think them warm fuzzies phrases. Or maybe you have gotten so burned or disillusioned with your life, see a spouse going through cancer, and even doubt your faith? These promises allowed to work in your heart and mind can overcome the worst life can through at you. Just words on a page? It really depends on who spoke them and what power they have to back them up. 

How about one final word. It is a a simple five letter word, yet it has turned the world on its ear. People have found hope with it on their lips, others have used it as a curse word when all hope is lost. This word has humbled the proud, yet lifted up the humble and given them something to be proud of. It has started wars and prevented them. I could go on, but you have probably already guess what this word embodies. It simply brings the Creator of words and their power to life. What is the word? 

The best of them all summed up simply, yet powerfully: 

God with us. 


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Don’t Yank my Chain


“But now ask the beasts, and let them teach you; And the birds of the heavens, and let them tell you.

                Job 12:7 


By G. P. Avants


Here we are at Sea World watching the updated Shamu show. I am sure you have heard about all of the issues with aquatic creatures like the orca being held in captivity? It seems like Sea World is at the center of that storm. Some feel like these wild creatures have been put on a chain, as it were, and ruined by their captivity. So, things have changed. We are watching a show that goes into great detail about the orcas in all aspects of their sea-faring life. If you like to learn and understand the workings of these amazing creatures and how they interact with their environment, you might really enjoy this presentation.


What I took away from this piece and what inspired this posting, was the role of creatures in God’s creation. I really believe that Jesus as Creator loves order and harmony. If you look at the wild ocean as a realm, there needs to be a head, a leader of you will. I think the orcas are that leaders of the sea. They are highly intelligent, have a social order, protect and manage other sea creatures, are amazing problem-solvers, highly adaptable, and can be found all around the world. It looks like they have been given enough intelligence and authority over a place on earth that has its own sets of rules and organization. They are appointed as guardians of the sea with their own chain of command over all sea creatures great and small.


This reminds me of the Narnia Series. Man, represented by the new king and queen had authority to rule and protect all creatures in Narnia. Under that rule Aslan took at select group of creatures aside and made them talking beasts. They were given a blessing that the other lesser creatures did not. It also came with a warning. If they abused their power and didn’t carry out the duties they have been given, they can lose their position and be made like the other lower creatures roaming the earth       FOUR-FACES

In the book of Ezekiel, we are given a unique and curious look at creatures called the Cherubim. They are angelic messengers that seem to be very involved in the things here are Earth. Besides their unique design which includes four wings each, eyes everywhere, their hands, bodies, etc. they have four faces. One of a man, one of a lion, one of an ox, and one of an eagle. There are many interpretations of what they are, but I think they are representing order and obedience in God’s creation. Just as orcas could be rulers of the sea, the lion rules over wild beasts, the ox over the tame beasts and the eagle of the creatures of the sky. They have eyes all over their bodies which reminds us that God is watching and concerned about all of His creation. God creation as a whole has an order in time (the wheels they travel on) and eternity (The glory of the Lord above) and the Holy Spirit within their midst.

Orcas 2

So, what is man’s role in all of this? We don’t yank or break up this chain of command, as it were. When we mess with God’s creation and order, things go south. As we look at the world around us we see man’s sinful choices affecting God’s natural order of things. Believers are to walk in harmony with God and His creation. I am not talking about hugging every tree and putting Mother Earth as the object of your worship. I am saying that we manage those things that God has placed in our lives. With the Lord in the center of our lives, those people, places, and things are all our responsibility to manage, which includes reaching out to the lost in this world. The world is passing, but God will make a new one someday. In the Bible, the book of James, talks about caring for those who can’t care for themselves. Do animals who live around us need that love or care as an act of honoring God’s creation?


How do you manage God’s creation and creatures in the way He has called you to?

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We Have a Problem

Apollo 13 We have a Problem

“Therefore prepare your minds for action…”

                                       I Peter 1:13

Do you remember the movie about the real Apollo 13 mission? I think we have all heard or seen examples from this story. There was a problem: These three astronauts had an accident in space and they were in danger. The solution: Find a way to get them home.


Here’s what I loved about that movie: It wasn’t just the astronauts in the capsule that made up the Apollo 13 mission. No, it was every single person at NASA made that team what it was. The three guys were the physical arm out in space but, the whole body, the whole team, extended all the way back to earth. When the crisis came, they worked together to resolve it and resolve it they did.

Appllo 13 ship

Upon the inception of this story we had just re-elected President Bush. He had seen an unprecedented term that was full of highs and lows. Though it’s easy to gage his performance by all that he does, Mr. Bush, as with any president, is part of a much larger team. He is the face we all come to associate with that presidency yet, there are many persons who we do not see. They are all a team that works together to make our nation run as effectively as they are able.

apallo13 Go!

When a crisis arises these folks, with their unique gifts, rise to the task. Some shine, others falter however, they all try to do what they feel they need to do to avert the crisis or solve a problem. Even though we want to place all that happens on the president’s shoulders we must remember he is only one player on the team. To blame the pitcher or the coach for the entire outcome of the game or the season is not only unfair but a bit skewed. Nobody can play another person’s role on the team. They have to do their best to make the team work as one even when the odds are against them.

Apollo 13 Team

So, let me ask you a question? What part are you playing on this team? Oh, you weren’t aware you were part of this all-star franchise? You bet. We as a people are just as responsible for making this nation what it is. It is easy to sit back and let George, Barack, or Donald, and crew take the wrap for our nation yet, that’s not how it works. We the people, we are the United States of America. I hear the word UNITED in that term. United means one people working together for the common good. That, my friend means that you and I have just as much burden to make America what, I believe, God wants her to be.

Apollo 13 The Mission

As Emeril Lagasse says, “Let’s crank it up a notch.” You who are believers, Christians, people of faith, you are even more responsible for the welfare of our nation. Okay, let’s say that you have a greater, far reaching goal at stake. When a crisis comes we should be the ones who are leading the charge. You have our nation to stand on but, your hearts are mindful of the eternal outcomes represented. We were founded on God and we are to uphold those truths in our everyday lives. We are to do this regardless if the rest of the nation is following God or not. God’s people represent, set the standard and live out the meaning of what our forefathers meant the US to be.

Apollo 13 accident

So, before we (and I do mean we) get upset how the Middle East Crisis is being waged, gender issues, the turmoil all over Asia, our domestic quandaries are unfolding, etc., ask what you can do to help? Wasn’t that what JFK proposed? “Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country?” When we see ourselves as a united team under the hand of God almighty, anything is possible.

(This piece is one I wrote e few years ago, but I am getting convicted myself by it. I have gotten a little worn and torn with the times we are in. However, the Lord knows when to prod US out of our petty, pitty party, and get back into the mission.)


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Forecasting The Sky

Sky 1

By G.P. Avants

“We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.”

Hebrews 6:19
Meet Sky. She is the newest addition to our family. Our loppy floppy long-legged Teri-poo puppy came rip tearing into our lives. I never realized how broken in our other two smaller doggies were until our Sky changed our view.

Sky found out that carpets are wonderful to rip and shred. Needless to say we had to remove carpets, replace plants, sprinkler drip like, basically anything that could break apart into pieces.

Sky 4

Sky produces a daily weather pattern that was never the same twice. When she is amped up with canine ADD we say she is turbulent Sky. After a fun busy day, crashed out on the couch we experience a tranquil Sky. With this unpredictable nature, we saw

Happy Sky

Blue Sky, Intense Sky, Angry Sky, etc. Her weather-pattern affected the rest of us as we adjusted to the unpredictable conditions.

Would you call it this change more or less adaptation? A new habit or person appears in your normal routine and throws off your grooves. Something’s change radically at first. Our normal business may even be affected or even neglected for a season. Though your old life is gone a kind of new life emerges.

Blue Sky
For all the times I have gotten upset with Sky for ripping the floor from beneath my feet, I see more often the joy she has brought to our family. Pets or people are sent by the Lord into our lives. He knows that this season of shaking up the status quo really will stimulate us to grow. In the end we who were once individual parts have now become…minus the lily Sky is gnawing right now.


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