Episode #11 Black Panther Review


We loved Black Panther! The movie is not out and this is out review about it. 

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The “I’s” of March 


I know this sounds a little selfish, but I just had a birthday. Because my birthday is so early in the month I usually drop presents of encouragement on Facebook for the rest of the March. I dropped the ball this year so I am taking time to give them out in one shot. Feel free to pass them on to people you know need them.


I pray to be wise with my time. Take on less, but do a lot more with less.


I promise to slow down and cherish moments with whoever comes across my path today.


I hope to be able to choose wise people to work with. May we together build dreams, solve problems, and change the world together.


I don’t want a hard heart in a hardening world. With all the hurt, sad stories, and terrible events, Jesus is welcome to keep pouring out His love through me.


I desire to know fewer people really well and meet more people who need a friend more frequently.


I need to see tell those who are my enemies that it I don’t feel that same way about them.


I want my family to know that God has great plans for them. Hopefully what wonderful plans the Lord has for their future will fit hand and glove with mine.


I hope my friends will get a better friend in me as I let Jesus be the better friend I need.


I am praying we do not run out of time and accomplish all the things the Lord has planted in our hearts.


Lord, I wish to be able to be as generous as I hope is possible. Thank you for the resources to reach the people who I am meant to reach. Meet their real needs.


I know being thankful means to appreciate everything I gain and understand why lose things in my life.


I don’t have to be Superman to be a super man.


I can be somebody’s hero today( no cape or super power necessary).


I remember Abraham Lincoln was right, you can please some of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time.


The Great I Am makes me who I am.


I am loved by Jesus who is love in action. So I can love others without expecting to be loved in return.


I will be able to take on a the impossible tasks ahead because with God all things are possible.


I  knows here is no  “I” in team. But there is in words like, Terrific, Energized Ambitious Motivaters. Hm, that spells T. E. A. M, right?


I pray to listen to good Godly counsel and get the right direction in this life.


I hope to pass on good Godly advice to those who need it.


I need to keep learning how to be a genuine friend in all season.


I have to 8trust the Lord with today before I start worrying about tomorrow.


I hope to let the Lord be the J.O. Y of my life: Jesus first., Others second then Me last.


When I look back on the day I hope it is measured in lasting moments made, not how much stuff I got done.


I have 24 hours a day like everyone else. How did I make them  count today?


I am hoping to always encourage people ave their talents without being jealous of their accomplishments.


I want to still be amazed by little things the Lord does daily.


I ask to work with people who are trustworthy, honest, and patient. Of course that goes both ways.


I pray that the Lord gives us all the strength and renewal we need during this “body-building” time in His church.


I know I can’t help everyone, but I can help somebody.


I need to remember that every beginning starts with an ending.

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Never Be Enough?

Okay, I am going to push one more time to inspire you dreamers out there. Things are changing on our world. It is a time of those little unknown people to take a step of faith and do what God has called you to do. There are so many reasons why we can’t, but here are some reasons to do it.

  1. God has made you unique. No one else is going to do what He has put on your heart.
  2. Is time an issue? Start small, maybe 15 minutes a day and let it grow.
  3. How about empty pockets? If the Lord is funding this dream you will have what you need to follow through.
  4. You aren’t alone. If this is the Lord’s dream for your life, don’t you think He is going to carry it out? If you think about it has the Lord ever not finished what He started.
  5. Is your faith in yourself small, in others or the Lord? He says you only need a mustard-sized bit. That’s pretty tiny. The key is WHO you plant that seed into.
  6. Do others think you idea is crazy? Some of the most life-changing inventions, ideas, or movements often met with resistance, joking, or out right hate. But if this this something the Lord is making, it will stand the test of time. That is because it is rooted in the soil of eternity.

This character from the Greatest Showman, Jenny Lynn took a step of faith to leave the comfort of her home in England. She trusted that P. T. Barnum that he was helping people build their dreams. If you listen to her song and the passion she puts into her song, you see that Jenny has found her path. When a person does this they soar and so do the people around them.


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Episode#10 Luke, Time Will make you Bitter or Better


Here we are at Episode#10 already!  In light of all the criticism with The Last Jedi, we wanted to do a piece that we would have liked to see in the movie. Thanks to the talent of some creative people to being our characters to life. 

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If you’re Going to Dream, Dream a Little Big. 



By G.P Avants

I know my fellow God Among Geeks Writer’s will tease me for doing a piece on a musical. Years ago, that would have bothered me, but on this end of my life I am seeing the real draw that only a musical can have. Well, couple that with a dream that I have been praying and planning for the first 50 years of my life: to start a small production company.  As I watched the film, The Greatest Showman, I took away from the life of PT Barnum that if you’re going to dream, dream big.

GS 4

Right at the start of the film, we are dropped right into an opening act with Hugh Jackman portrayed Phineas Taylor (P.T) Barnum in his prime. When he thinks about his past everything becomes ominously silent except for his breathing. Time froze as the humble beginnings come flooding into his present. This dreamer started with nothing except a song in his heart and wild ideas in his head. Many called him a fraud, a shame, and that he used people just for making a quick buck.


What Barnum did was find people with unique talents and abilities whom many deemed as the freaks, oddities, and outcasts of society.  His critics and detractors labeled Barnum’s Circus a freak show. He adjusted his hat and took that as a compliment. What he did was to bring the right combination of people together. Society pushed away the different people into dark corners, behind locked doors, or hiding in plain sight. Barnum worked tirelessly pushed back by putting the freaks into back into real life.


Along his journey we learned that Barnum grew up as a cast off nobody. He knew what is was to have empty pockets, but true love filling his heart. Barnum’s drive was be someone and to be taken seriously in the field of entertainment. He saw life itself as a show. If that is true, then it became his desire to bring the audience them something real. That meant other people came into the spotlight. With a step of faith. Barnum sets the stage and blessed the world by giving the amazing singer Jenny Lynn her dreams.

Jenny Lyn

He gave courage to Tom Thumb, the bearded woman confidence, and brought a couple together, who were as complete opposites as two people can be. Barnum’s dream brought lonely misunderstood people not as co-workers or even friends, but bonded as a loving family.  Every breath he took we see others rise from the ashes. Even in the fires, storms, and riots Barnum managed to elicit real joy to a unjoyful critiques.


In the silence of his thoughts and the doubts, familiar voice speak to PT Barnum His disapproving father-in-law said to him, “Phineas, you’ve done well. His wife told him, “A man’s station is only limited by his imagination.  With their pleading faces his performing team reminded PT to don’t push away the freaks. “There is a place for us.” The angry crowds were dumfounded. “What do we do, lock them up or let them be part of the world?” Maybe rewrite the stars?” His young business partner nudged him.

“You don’t need everyone to love you, just a few good people.” When his own doubts came, he found the encouragement he needed from those who he had first planted seeds of hope.


Isn’t true that part of being God’s family isn’t much different than being part of a great performance? Our lives of faith, with all its joys and struggles, brings the truth of God portrayed on the stage of life. Just like PT we try to present humanity as equals humanity at the foot of the cross. Jesus asks us to pull people out of the shadows and put the lonely in real family. We, too can sing robustly to the forgotten, “Come back home.” We can take joy in the he smallest acts like making people happy.

GS 5

At the beginning of 2018 I began hearing whispers, feeling nudges, and watching creative popping up in my life. For years I have prayed about starting up a production company that employs creative people and showcases their talents and abilities. So, in the midst of strong obvious signs I get this feature movie in my face. In many ways, I relate with PT Barnum’s story of a nobody building a team that helps others to dream. I am encouraged that it’s not money in the bank, influence, or power that makes an impact in the world. You just have to have a spark of dream, a little faith, and the courage to move forward no matter what. I feel like God is speaking to me presently through so many situations, conversations, and through His word. I am taking the next year to pray about all of the details. Maybe you have one, too? Let’s pray for each other and see those dreams come true.

GS 2

I found this video using the main song, A Million Dreams, from The Greatest Showman. Funny, that this reminds me that dreams do spread to others. I hope this reminds you to not stop dreaming, but in faith live them out!



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Making History Episode 6

By G. P. Avants

Finally, we have gotten to the end of this series, or is it? When you want to make history it takes blood, sweat, and tears. However, if you love what you do, it is worth the hard work to make it come to life.


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The Super Fruit of Love



“But above all these things put on love, which is the bond of perfection.”

Colossians 3:14

By G.P. Avants


Love is the culmination these short devotionals. I saved this one for last even though love is the root for all other super fruit of the soul.  I had hoped then when I got to this fruit that I would have something deep and profound to share. The fact is that love is a simple powerful word in action. In the lives of men and women is often, misunderstood, short-changed, and drained from all it’s sweetness. So, why is this four letter word the best description of God and his plans for the race of man?


What super fruit could we use to try and describe the character of love?

Açaí. Another four letter word that is a relatively unknown super fruit until this past century. Deep dark red. Oddly chocolate hints. Found in the rain forests of South America. Hidden from the world, but revealed at a time when sickness is taking its toll. World- wide epidemics are upon us. People are putting the hope in modern medicine, drugs, and radical surgeries. Yet, the Açaí is an old school simple solution that still works. It is encouraging people to simply eat your way to basic health. Açaí blends so well with the other super fruit to really pack a punch at the numerous ailments that eat at the physical lives of mankind. You could say that all the super fruit acting as one united force, attacks the forces that unite to destroy people from the inside out.  Like other super fruit, Acai promises multiple health benefits. But one thing noticed is that it contains a healthy fat.  With all of the opinions about health and what is good and bad, fat has taken a bad wrap. There are healthy fats that burn calories, restore essential vitamins and minerals, and protect our organs. The real skinny on Acai is that maybe it helps to blend together all the best of what super fruits can be?


How is the super fruit of love greater than an Açaí could ever be?

Love has always been at work in the world. Even though it seems hidden or misunderstood by the world, live’s true nature can’t be hidden. Mankind once perfect life has been infected by sin the soul killer. This soul and spirit killer brought ever illness that has ever been imagined upon God’s perfect creation. Man had tried everything to save his own soul and have victory over the power of death and an empty eternity.  When Love was born in a tiny little stable over 2,000 years ago, hope returned to man. The cure for the soul killer was found in the embodiment of God’s love in the savior Jesus Christ. All the super fruit of the soul are found in God’s love and forgiveness when Christ’s life-giving blood was spilt. And because He lives again we are given all the food our soul needs in God’s Holy Spirit.  The human life can now experience what true self-control, faithfulness, gentleness, goodness, kindness, patience, peace, joy, and love tastes like.


I hope you have found feeding on these super fruit of the soul satisfying. I know I have learned a lot more about the Holy Spirit and how God heals us deep, deep down. To be honest I never really understood the importance of God’s Holy Spirit until life began to take its toll on me. So, it is in those times of depletion that you realize you don’t   really have what it takes to take on the road ahead. That is when your perception of fruit of the Spirit moves from an intangible  concept to daily fuel for the soul. If you are feeling unhealthy in your walk with the Lord ask Him to fill you with lasting super fruit and see what is possible in the impossible.


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