Does Daniel Have Your Back?

By G.P.Avants 

         Grace is everywhere especially when it’s just in from of our eyes and we miss it. This is a reminder to me that God has everything covered in our lives even the times when we face plant it.

         You have probably heard of a king called Nebuchadnezzar. He was one of the most powerful emperors that ever lived. He ruled Babylon, which at its heyday basically ruled everything and everyone. 

         Needless to say pride got to him and he was full of his big boy self. God humbled the man and Nebby lost his sanity for a time. He lived as a mindless animal for what the Bible says was seven times. That may have been seasons or years. The point is he lost his kingdom for an extended period of time.

         Now it says at the end of his judgment his mind returned to him, he gave God the glory and his kingdom was restored to him. It was miracles all around because at that time if you were unfit the serve I am sure there was a line up of royalty ready to snag the crown. 

         So, I am not a theologian or a Bible scholar so I can pose this opinion. Way back before Nebby set up a Godly man named Daniel to help run his kingdom. He was so responsible that things ran smooth and effortless under Daniel’s hand.  I wonder if God set up Daniel because he knew that Nebuchadnezzar would be humbled and another would cover his reign while he learned whom the try King of Kings was.

         I think that God has it all covered. He knows when things go bad that He has a plan for that. If we are out for a while to grow or be corrected He will provide the resources and the personnel to get the job done. Nothing, even running the world, is a task that God hasn’t already planned to be a lesson in faith. 

         It’s just amazing to think that all things do work together to those who love God and are called according to His purpose.  It is my hope that these times of getting off track are just the redirecting of the plans God has for the hearts of men and women. 

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