Cardio via Audio

By G. P. Avants

“So, I will always remind you of these things, even though you already know them.”                                    I Peter 1:12  


 Do you have trouble retaining what you read? Is it sometimes a struggle to remember what you were just doing? No, this isn’t a commercial for a memory learning tool. It’s just an area I know we all could improve in.           

 When my attention is somewhere else that is when I usually blow it. Someone is sharing important information but, I am less than half listening to them. If I think it’s important then I will give my full attention. That’s when I know it will stick.     


Did you know that you have a place in the center of your brain that holds the most important memories? These are the ones you hold dearest and are tied with strong emotions. These are things that you will never forget.            

I think when something is important our heart is tied to it also. The Bible reminds us that where your heart is there your treasure is also. My heart knows what it needs to remember and it’s telling my ears to perk up.           


I am beginning to understand better what meditating on God’s word means. When I really take time to read and listen, maybe even line by line, it can stick so much better. That’s it, isn’t it? When I stop to take the time to listen to God’s voice, those things will sink into my heart.            

 God help me to begin there. Hear the cry of my heart when I don’t want to listen. It’s a struggle with my flesh to get on with whatever I have to do that day, and not really pay attention to you. May my heart persist and those lessons, those directions, those unforgettable things ,stay. Draw me into those places that my heart will never forget. Let me have the ears to hear that you always say I should have.

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  1. Thank you, Gary, for your honesty here and the heartfelt, closing prayer. Your prayer is mine also: “Draw me into those places that my heart will never forget, O God.”

    1. I also pray the Lord helps you release any burdens you have, forgiveness towards anyone who has hurt you, and the Lord brings times of refreshing into your life.

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