Faith Account and Balance

By G.P. Avants

“This righteousness from God comes through faith in Jesus Christ to all who believe.”

                        Romans 3: 22

            It wasn’t like waking up one morning and the whole world changed. On the contrary, I saw it coming. California, actually our nation as a whole, saw a lot of people losing jobs and entire companies dissolving.

            You hear about it happening but when it hits home that’s when it becomes a reality. My brother, friends at church, neighbors and entire communities reeled from this budget crisis. I’m sure you have seen these ripples in your own life as well.

            A good friend of mine was really hurting during this time. I do remember a few months before my buddy talking about feeling stagnant in his faith. He really was dry in his spirit and was going through the motions. He was starting to get closer to the Lord when all of this happened.

            I could see where it might have seemed like he was being smacked around just as he was getting on the right track. However, as I talked with my friend something dawned on me.

            Even though his bank account was seriously in jeopardy his other account was bursting. My friend’s faith account was building exponentially! He was depending on God solely because every other resource had dried up.

            I know that he is looking at this crisis with whole new eyes. God says that the only way to please Him is by faith. The way we know Him is by faith, to walk by faith, to grow in faith; these are all needful things as believers.

            So anyone who is in the same boat it truly richer than those who only have perishable funds. You know that your financial situation can change just like that. God is turning our every circumstance to get our eyes off this world and on Him. That’s how important a relationship with your creator is.

             He knows our needs, but He knows that the greatest need sometimes gets overlooked. The world and all its troubles are passing but God and His promised are not. How’s your faith account portfolio?


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  1. Praise God your friend is staying strong in his faith during crisis. What an example to the rest of us who must tighten our belts, but are still solvent. I pray that God bless this man according to Ephesians 3:20, and also use him to minister to others in similar straits. God WILL make a way in the wilderness and bring forth streams in the wasteland (Isaiah 43:19)!

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